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Activity Progress

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To view the progress status of a specific task, choose the task of interest and select the "Activity progress" option available from the left hand side menu of the task management page. The following window will then display:



From this window, if the user has the proper rights, it is possible to update the details of the progress status and even close the task itself. To close the task, select "Complete" from the "Status" drop-down menu and type 100 in the "Completion" percentage field. Once finished, click on "Save" to confirm and click on "OK" to proceed or on "Cancel" to abandon the operation.

The operation of closing a task could have some impacts on the system, for example, by closing the task, all its sub-tasks (if existing) will be also closed and if the task or sub-task was created by a workflow step, by closing the task, the workflow might proceed to the next step.