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Tag material to a project

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To add materials to the project, choose the project of interest and select "Project materials" from the left hand side menu (> Project management > specific project > Project materials). Click on the "Tag other materials" top button .


From the search window that will open, define the tags to assign to the material by selecting them from the relative drop down menu, or writing them in the text field and set the material scope. Click on "Go" to search for the materials from the digital repository; the search results will be listed as follows:





Select the materials to add by checking the box next to it, click on "Massive actions" at the bottom of the page and select "Tag these materials".



A message will confirm that the operation was processed without errors. Click on the "Back to tag list" link to come back to the previous page.


Notice that from the top drop-down menu, it is possible to tag the materials in already existing tags or sub-tags:



All materials that have been tagged to a specific project, can be displayed in the corresponding project material page in two available views: tree view or cloud view.

The tree view displays tags and sub-tags in a hierarchical perspective.  Right clicking on each tag logical folder, it is possible to add tag sub-folders.

The cloud view, conversely, allows to display all the tags logical folders but not making a distinction among tags and sub-tags.

In brackets are reported the number of relative tagged materials.



Contextual menu available right clicking on each tag logical folder: