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Assign resources to a task

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To assign resources to a project task, select "Project Management" from main menu, click on the project name, choose "Project tasks" from the menu on the top left corner and from the list of the tasks, select the required one by clicking on its name. A window showing the task's details appears:


It is now necessary to click on the "Assign resources" link from the top left menu. The following search window appears:



To narrow the search, type the name of the user in the text field and click on "Search". To run an advanced search, click on the "More options" link. If no data is inserted, all the names of project members with the appropriate user roles will be listed. In the case that a role restriction has been defined for an activity, the system will automatically display the list of the team members with the required user role. Select the required users by checking the boxes next to the names and press the "Assign selected users" link. A message will confirm that the resource was correctly assigned to the activity.

Only project members having the appropriate privileges can be assigned to a task or activity.


In the case that an activity can only be assigned to a specific team member owing to some predefined role restrictions, the system automatically changes the activity into task and assign it the specific resource.



Alternatively, to assign resources to a task, it is possible to go on "Project tasks" page and right click on the specific task which required to be assigned to a resource. From the menu, select "Assign resource" and follow the procedure explained above.