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Assign Roles

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eXact LCMS allows the impersonation of multiple roles at the same time in each domain and therefore, a role is assigned to a user only in the current domain.


To assign roles to one or more users, click on "Users management" from main menu, click on "Search" to show all the platform users:


Select one or more users from the "Users list" by checking the box next to the name and click on "Assign roles". The list of all the available roles will be displayed:


Select the box next to the required role (multiple selection allowed) and click on "Save" to confirm the operation. Please note that a user is only allowed to assign roles with at least the same permissions of the user himself. A message confirming that the action has been successfully performed will display. By clicking on "Reset", all the entered information will be cancelled. To abandon the operation without saving, click on "Cancel".

If it is necessary to create a new role, see the "Create new user role" chapter.