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Domain Tags

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A tag is a chosen keyword or term that can be assign to materials to organize them. It is possible to assign as many tags to a material as needed and it is always possible change or delete them.

Therefore, tagging can be a simpler additional method to search material using the metadata scheme preconceived for the LCMS setup. This is also an help for organizing and finding materials assigned to a project, but it is also possible to organize all the materials of the digital repository that are shared within a domain.


To browse through all the material tags present on the domain, select "Digital repository > Browse> Domain tags".

Both a tree and a cloud way to visualize the tagged materials is available:




From this page is possible to download in a single archive all the material tagged with the selected label (Download all resources) or by clicking on the boxes at the left of the material, selecting one ore more materials (Download selected materials).

It is also possible to modify the associated tags (Edit tags of selected materials) and assign tags while publishing the material, by clicking Publish from the top left menu. See "Publish by tags" chapter for more information.




For more details, please see also  "Managing project materials" section.  Indeed, the tags assigned to the materials of the domain will be listed in the same way as the materials tagged in the projects, considering the domain as a special project having as members all the users having a role in the domain.