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Massive actions

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Massive Upload

The platform supports bulk publishing: users can upload multiple resources in a single operation through an archive (ZIP extension), the system offers also the publishing option “Upload each material in the ZIP file as a single object”.


Please note that all Labels and Comments inserted while publishing a zip file will be applied to all the resources stored in it.

After clicking on "Proceed", a message will confirm that the operation is completed; by clicking on the "Back to publish page", it is possible to come back to the main publishing page.

Massive Download

Bulk downloading through an archive (ZIP extension including an ad hoc XML file) is also possible: a set of buttons assist the project team members in executing this operation and a check-box for each project material allows single downloading as well.

See an example below:



Important: inside the ZIP archive downloaded, with the resources there will be also an XML file, which will save the ID reference of the resources. This file is very important when the resources will be uploaded to the Server (see massive update chapter below) for the system to associate the updated resources with the ones stored in the repository.



Massive Update

Bulk updating is available: users can update multiple resources in a single operation through an archive (ZIP extension) including an ad hoc XML file (the one created by a bulk download operation) and all the resources which have to be updated.


If the selected ZIP archive includes the XML file created during the downloading process (see previous chapter), the publishing process is automatically transformed into an updating process for all the IDs included in the XML file.

Once the update process is completed, the system display the list of all materials that were published or not; any material saved in the ZIP file with no related ID in the XML, will be published in the DR as a new material with associated a new ID while any material that was not modified will not be published as a new version.