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Collaboration Area within a Domain/Portal

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To enable a collaboration area within a domain, select:

Home -> System configuration -> Collaboration area

if you are logged in the root domain, this settings will enable a Collaboration area for all the portal (i.e all the domains), if you are logged in any other domain, this settings will create a Collaboration area available only in the specific domain.


From the drop down menu, select the collaboration system enabled for the platform, assign a title and write a description.



By clicking on Create, the new collaboration area will be accessible from the menu at the bottom right of the platform homepage.

The collaboration area created while logged in the root domain, will enable the Portal area collaboration available for all domains in the system, while the collaboration area created when logged in any other domain will enable the Domain area collaboration, available only when logged in the specific domain.

After the area creation, by accessing the same window will be possible to, delete, edit or synchronize (update the area users list with the platform users) the collaboration area.