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Content maps

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It is possible to use a standard vdex file to sort the digital repository content using taxonomy. See the "Taxonomies Management" chapter to upload a taxonomy map.


Select home > Digital repository > Content maps


Search for the map to use, and select it will be displayed in a graphical form (below an example using a standard vdex taxonomy map):




Select under which classification the material should be listed (more than one selection is allowed).


If taxonomy is included in a metadata profile, the users can use it in all the domains, according to the metadata profile type which includes the taxonomy itself. The "Browse taxonomy" feature is based on the "scope" assigned to taxonomy:

scope = PUBLIC: all domain users having the appropriate permissions can browse the taxonomy
scope = DOMAIN: the taxonomy can only be browsed by the users of domains (having enough permissions) the taxonomy has been assigned to
scope = PRIVATE: no user can browse the taxonomy


Browsing the category of a certain taxonomy is equal to defining a single search criterion with the following properties:

- it is based on the "Classification > Taxonpath" IMS metadata assigned to the same taxonomy

- it works in the "EQUAL TO" modality

- it requires the presence in the mentioned IMS metadata of the single value corresponding to the browsed category.


By selecting the Taxonomies management option from the left hand side menu of the Content Maps page it is possible to search the list of all taxonomies already uploaded on the digital repository or to publish a new one.