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Cover Page

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The Cover Page is a functionality that gives the possibility to customize the launch page of a specific course, either DR, structured or URL type.

Each Cover Page is displayed into an alternative page and it includes all the required links to launch the different course contents (i.e. to open the SCORM player for DR or Structured courses) together with the tracking data usually displayed on the course standard page. The Cover Page covers the whole central area of the user interface; the header and footer remains visible but the left hand side menu is hidden to increase the width of the content area.

A Cover Page is a ZIP archive containing a “cover.html” file and all the items required by the cover page itself, such as images, CSS file, Flash files, etc. The page components files, with the exception of the cover.html one, can be organized in folders; their structure must be compliant with what is defined into the cover.html file. For more technical information on how to design and create a cover page please refer to the relevant users' manual.

In order to set up the Cover Page of a course it is necessary to upload the relevant CP package by using the Cover Page Option from the left hand side menu of a course management page (Home -> Courses management -> <coursename> -> Cover Page).

In the case that no Cover Page has been previously assigned to a course the following window will be displayed:

Click on the Browse button in order to look for the Cover Page to upload on the local pc, then click on the Upload button: the Cover Page will be automatically assigned to the course.

If a cover page is already present, the following page will be displayed instead:


By clicking on the Preview button the Cover Page preview opens in a popup window. Please note that in this case all the operations buttons will be disabled and it is not possible to access the course content.

By clicking on the Remove button the assigned Cover Page will be removed from the course.

In order to edit the existing file it is necessary to upload a new CP package (a new zip archive with the modified Cover Page).

During the delivery phase, if a user access the URL of a course with a Cover Page assigned, the CP is displayed instead of the standard page; the left hand side menu and the right hand side widgets will be hidden since the CP covers the overall central space. URL addresses and breadcrumbs are the same of the standard page.

The following image is an example of a course cover page: