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Create a new course

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To generate a new course, select "Courses management" from main menu and click on "New course" from the top left menu. The following window displays:



The mandatory fields are marked with (*).


From the "Enabled" drop-down menu, it is possible to choose between Yes or No. It is possible to access a disabled course learning resources, but the users will read a warning message stating that the course is disabled, in this way, it will be possible to update a course without blocking its delivery activities.

To confirm all the inserted data, click on "Save". By clicking on "Reset", all the entered information will be cancelled, providing that the data has not yet been saved. To close this window without saving, click on "Cancel".

Once the course has been created, its information will display in a new window.




To add content to a course, select an option from the Learning Materials section and read the "Edit content" chapter.