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Create a new task

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To create a new task for a specific project, select "Project management" from main menu, click on the project name, choose "Project tasks" from the menu on the top left corner and click on the "New task" link from the top left. The "New task" window displays:




The mandatory fields are marked with (*). To select more than one role in the "Allowed roles" field, hold down the "Ctrl" key on the keyboard while selecting the roles. To unselect one of the selected option, hold down the "Ctrl" key and click on the option you wish to unselect. To unselect all the selected options, click on the "clean" link.


The "Expected duration" and "Work" fields show a length of time expressed in days while the "Completion" field is the percentage of the task completion and it updates the task progress status which can be viewed with the "Activity progress" option available from the left hand side menu of each specific task management page.


To confirm all the inserted data, click on "Save". By clicking on "Reset", all the entered information will be cancelled, providing that the data has not yet been saved. To close this window without saving, click on "Close".