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Create New LO

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To create a new Learning Object, through the Online Editor authoring tool, select "Digital Repository > Create new LO" from the main menu. Firstly, it is necessary to choose which Learning Object Model to use among the available ones.

Notice that before using the "Create new LO" function, at least one model (content Template .xpt file) should have been uploaded using the "Publish" option (for details see Content templates section).

If no content template is present, it is possible to move to the content templates management page by clicking on the "Content templates" link on the left hand side menu.


In the "Create new LO" window it is possible to insert some information and define some features associated to the material the user is going to create.

The available fields to fill in are:

Share the material with: to define the sharing level for the new LO (by default, the new LOs are shared with nobody);
Labels and Comments: to insert some textual information to assign to the current material version;
Title and Description: to insert both the Title and Description metadata for the material that is going to be created;
Save as: to define whether the material the user is going to create should be saved in the Digital Repository as a Learning Object or as a Sample, that is a predefined structure to be used and shared with other users.
Master models/Templates: to define the starting point for the creation of the LO (or sample). By default, the available master models are directly displayed under the search mask. By selecting the Templates tab and clicking on the Go button it is possible to display the list of all the available content templates. By using the Advanced Search criteria it is possible to narrow and to filter the search results.


For each available element it is possible to :

-roll over the thumbnail in order to display its description

-click on the thumbnail in order to open its preview inside a pop-up window

-click on the element title in order to open it inside the Online Editor.




For more information regarding how to edit contents within the LO, see also Edit a LO with the Online Editor and refer to the user manual of the specific content model in use.