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Create Package

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Inside the management page of all materials that can be identified ad Learning Object, it is possible to find the additional button "Package". By clicking on this button it is possible to build an eLearning course in compliancy with one of the SCORM Standadrs (1.2 or 2004). The SCORM package will be composed by one single LO; it will be possible to insert the package inside a course and to save the students' results according to the tracking method provided by the selected standard.




By clicking on the Package button the following window will be displayed:



From this new window it is possible to:

1. Select the SCORM standard (1.2 or 2004) to use

2. Define the Package ID and, if necessary, enter a label and a comment for the current version of the package

3. Define the package sharing level.


Once all the required fields have been completed, click on the "Package" button; a confirmation message will be displayed. By clicking on the "Go to material management page" link below the confirmation message, it is possible to enter the SCORM package management page. From this page it is possible to process all the required actions (for more information see the DR Publish section).