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Data Privacy

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Each domain can be assigned a specific Data Privacy Statement (DPS) which can be asked to be read and accepted by all domain users.

Users having a role in more domains can be asked to read and accept different DPSs, one for each domain where they have access.


After the acceptance, users can read all their accepted DPS from My profile page. For more details, see My profile page.


To publish or manage a DPS for a domain, click on "Domain Management", then right-click on the name of the target domain and select "Details". The following window will appear:



Once entered the details page domain, click on "Data Privacy" on the left menu of the page.


Publish a DPS:

If no DPS has been uploaded yet, the following window will appear, allowing to publish a DPS to associate to the selected domain:



The "Choose file" window will then be displayed, allowing to browse in the PC and to select the correspondent .dps file:


Once the file to upload has been found, click on "Open" and then on "Submit". A message will confirm the correct publication of the item.




Manage a DPS:

If a DPS has been already published and associated to the domain, it can be previewed, downloaded, checked in/out as well as updated with a new version.




Selecting the DPS version history, it is possible to display all the available versions and manage minor and major changes.

Making obsolete all the previous deliverable versions, it is even possible to reset old acceptance status and to require users to accept the new DPS version.





For configurable detailed reports regarding the user DPS acceptance status, date of acceptance and DPS version accepted please refer to Import/Export user page.