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Domains Management

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eXact LCMS allows the definition of logical domains where the platform needs to be structured. For each domain the administrators can:

Define a name and a description (in each available language of the system)
Create sub-domains
Move the domain to a different position in the hierarchy
Define the languages available to the domain users
Define the emails addresses were the users can write for help


When the users log into the web portal, if they have an account in more than one domain, they can choose which one to access undertaking the role (or the roles) that they have in that specific domain. Except the users with a "learner" role in the platform, that will access the Learning portal were all the user's courses will be listed independently from the domains.


The users with the proper privileges can also manage the hierarchical structure of the platform by creating new domains, deleting them or moving them. Select "Domains management" from main menu. The following window will then appear:



By clicking on the (+) sign, the menu will expand and all the sub-elements of the current domain (in the example: Root Domain) will be shown. The picture shows a domain organized as a tree hierarchy.