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DR monitoring

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This page, if properly configured, allows learning managers to monitor material development processes in order to provide a detailed quality assurance system on development process.


It is accessible by selecting "Digital Repository > DR Monitoring" from the main menu. The following default window will be displayed:




The DR Monitoring functionality allows to automatically retrieve information about how many materials lie in a given workflow step and how long they have been staying in such workflow step. In this way it is possible to identify materials out of temporal SLA for that specific step.


A configurable XML file (DRMonitoring.xml file) enables to set up both the workflow steps to monitor and, for each of them, some quantitative and temporal thresholds, namely maximum number of materials and maximum time that they can stay in that target step.

In particular, the temporal limitations are defined in terms of "working days" and can vary according to the used working calendar. For this reason the system supports a holidays listing functionality by means of a configurable XML file (Holiday.xml) allowing each LCMS installation to apply its own working calendar.


In the following screen example, the DR monitoring functionality has been configured for monitoring the steps belonging to two different workflows.




In the first case (Configuration 1) there are three monitored workflow steps: under construction, release step and maintenance step.

For each of them, it is reported the number of the current materials lying in that step and the maximum number of materials (max) that are allowed to stay in that step.

For example, regarding under construction step, at the moment there are two materials lying in that status and the maximum allowed number is two as well. For this reason, the first material is colored in green meaning that it has been accepted by the system, while the second one in white, meaning that it is "tolerated " as it stays within the maximum allowed threshold (max:2). Otherwise if the material is colored in red, it means that the maximum threshold has been overcome and the number of current materials staying in that step (i.e. maintenance) has exceeded the maximum allowed.


The list of materials staying in a target workflow step, can be displayed clicking on "View list".