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Edit/Create a task

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To edit a project task, select "Project management" from main menu, click on the project name, choose "Project tasks" from the menu on the top left corner, select the specific task by clicking on its name (or select "New task" from the menu) and click on the "Edit" link from the menu on the left hand side.


The "New task" or "Edit task" window appears:


From this window it is possible to:

Edit name and description of the task
Select task type: Development or review
Choose a QA user for this task (only users with roles that includes QA permission will appear in the search box)
Related roles: this field will be present only when creating a new task and not when editing a task created by a workflow. Here it is possible to select which user roles will work on the material during this task. This field does not appear when editing the tasks generated by workflows because the field is determined inside the workflow settings.
Check/uncheck the "Restricted" field: By default all the task are Restricted, this means that the task must be assigned to the resources, in the future will be possible to uncheck the field and the resources will be able to self-assign the task.
Set the Start, Deadline and End date for the task
Insert the Expected duration of the task in days
Update the percentage of the task completion from the "Completion" filed and which will update the task progress status.
Write the Time Length of the task (Work field) and the remaining work (Completion field) expressed in days
Mark the task as "Completed". Depending on the workflow settings, in some cases (depends on the workflow custom settings) this operation could move the workflow a step forward, in any case a remainder message will appear.


To confirm all the performed amendments, click on "Save". "Reset", to cancel the inserted information, providing the data has not yet been saved. To close this window without saving, click on "Close".