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To add content to a course, such as learning materials, community services, suggested readings and links, select "Courses" from main menu and click on a specific course. The following buttons will be displayed at the bottom of the window:



To add materials already present in the LCMS repository, click on the "Add materials from repository" link. A "Search" window will then open in a pop-up, click on "GO" to list all the materials available on the DR and which can be added to the course as the workflow assigned to them is in a step which accepts Development activities:




Select the one of interest and click on "Save" to add it to the course. The following window will show that the material has been added to the course:




From this window it is possible to:

add other materials present in the LCMS repository, insert a URL link,  add material from the local PC.
preview the sub-elements of the course by clicking on their names.
change/edit/remove them by clicking on the relavant buttons.


It is also possible to add new items by selecting the "Add new content" link from the top left corner. Please refer to the corresponding section for more details.


To manage the item attributes, please click on the name of the item of interest and select the "Edit Item attributes" link on the left hand side.



Adding an URL typology

When adding an URL of a course, the following window will be displayed:


Fill the fields, name and URL are mandatory.