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Export users

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To export information related to a list of users, select "Users management" from main menu and click on the "Import / Export users" link from the top left corner. The following window displays:import_exportUsers


Export users to CSV file

This option is used to export the list of all the users with their characteristics in a .csv file.



The file format is customizable, the default format is the following:

Login username;Last name;First name;eMail;Date of birth(yyyy;mm;dd);Gender (male=0 female=1 not specified=-1);Language (en-US or it.IT);Street;Town;Postal code;Region;Country;Password (if the password encryption is enable this filed will be empty).


NOTE: the export in CSV function is also available from the other pages that recalls list of users.


DPS Data Privacy Statement acceptance log

This option is used to export in both .csv and .pdf format, the lists of all users who have accepted the DPS providing as well detailed information on the acceptance date and accepted version.

An example of pdf report is shown here in the following:


All user rights

Selecting this export option, the system lists all system users with detailed information on their user roles and the relative domains for user access certification. The report can be exported both in CSV and in PDF format (in the second case an upper limitations on the number of rows available in the report file can be configured in web.config file).

An example of pdf user access certification report is here provided:





All user roles data

This option allows to create a list containing all system user roles and detailed information on their related permissions and rights for user access certification. The report can be exported both in CSV and in PDF format. Here in the following it is shown an example of the pdf user role certification report.