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LCMS Home Page

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Once selected the desired domain (only if users have roles in more domains, otherwise only a domain will be available), users enters in the LCMS Home Page; the following page will be displayed:



Note: the menu on the left will change according to users role and installed plugins. The central menu embeds some short link an administrator user menu with the collaboration area plugin installed; if a user is part of a project team, probably s/he will directly enter the "My Task" section so that s/he will directly understand the tasks to work on.

Moreover, if a user has been assigned to more than one domain, before displaying the LCMS home page he/she is asked to choose the domain to enter.


After the first login, the user can choose if at the next login eXact LCMS should:

Open directly at the domain that the user has set as default
Show the list of all the domains the user has an account with so that the user can select the one to open
Open at the last visited domain


During the navigation of the portal, if the user is enrolled in more than one domain, it is always possible to see the name of the current domain from the breadcrumb (Root Domain, in the example).



Throughout the navigation of the portal, it is possible to obtain some quick tips about the currently accessed function by clicking on the "Tips" icon icon_tips. To access the site map click on both the "Site Map" link orsitemap_icon icon and to access the on-line Help Manual click on both the "Help" link or icon help_icon .



By clicking on the proper user's name on the upper toolbar a contextual menu opens; from here it is possible to:

"My Profile" option will access the user profile: see the "User details" section for more information.
"Change domain" will move to a different domain; the list of all the available domains will appear and it will be possible to log into a different domain by clicking on its name. If the user can only access one domain the "Change" option is not displayed. Please note that if the user is assigned to another during an active session, it is neccessary to logogg and login again to display the option.
"Logout" option will exit the application.




From the page header a search mask may be available throughout the navigation of the platform, according to the user rights, for a quick search among Users, Materials and Courses depending on the selection made from the drop-down menu.


During the navigation of the portal, the crumb trail of the selected menu always appears on the top left of the screen. To quickly move up the menu, simply click on the name of the wished function in the crumb trail:



The options available from the left hand side menu depend on the user role:



System configuration
User roles
Domains management
Users management


Digital Repository
Project management
Comment management
Localization processes


Courses management
Learning reports
Course Catalogue

My work

My Projects
My task
My LOs
My courses


See the following sections for a detailed description of each option.

eXact LCMS makes an intensive use of contextual menu options available from the right-click of the mouse. It is therefore suggested to right-click on the elements throughout the interface to discover the options available in each context.