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LCMS Dashboard

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After the login, the user enters the LCMS Dashboard page.

The LCMS Dashboard is configurable in terms of brand, text and functionalities to access.


The following image shows the toolbar that will be displayed by default:





Notice that the LCMS Dashboard, including the toolbar, may be different according to the different roles assigned to the user or according to the system configuration defined during the installation procedure. The system provides some default user roles, anyway they can be configured or created by scratch in terms of both permissions and look&feel of home page. By default - but this can be changed by the administrator- at login, all users with learner profile will access the Learning Portal Dashboard displaying the learner's courses, while other users will enter the LCMS Dashboard.


The LCMS Dashboard is divided in different areas regarding different functionalities. According to the roles and permissions assigned to the user, some areas will be displayed and other hidden. System administrator will be able by default to visualize all of them.


Here below are described the LCMS Dashboard areas and the relative default user roles which can visualize that specific area.

Anyway, notice that, since user roles can be fully configured, the displayable areas may change according to permissions associated to the user role.


1) My courses

This area can be displayed by system administrators, learners, LMSadmins (LMS administrators), but not IDs (instructional designers) or SMEs (subject matter experts).



2) Course Catalogue

Viewable, for example by system administrators, learners, LMSadmins, but not IDs or SMEs.



3) My production domains

Displayable for example by SMEs, LMSadmins, IDs but not learners.

If the users have a role in more domains, they will require to select the one where they want enter.



4) My tasks

Viewable for example by SMEs, IDs but not learners.



5) My administration domains

Available for example for LMSadmins, system administators but not for IDs, SMEs or learners.

If the users have a role in more domains, they will require to select the one where they want enter.



6) Users' Access

It can be displayed by system administrators.



For more information on the Learning Portal Dashboard and the LCMS Home Page please refer to the relevant sections.