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In order to login to eXact LCMS it is necessary to have a valid username and password. If you do not have access permission for a specific function, the tabs and controls for that function are not accessible. The User Manual describes all the functions, if you cannot find or use a functionality that is documented, it is probably because you do not have access permission for that functionality.


When opening the eXact LCMS Web portal, the following login page is displayed, unless the automatic Single Sign On is enabled.



To login, type the "Username" and "Password" in the text fields and click on "Log In".

If your username or password is incorrect, a message will be displayed.


To recover the password, it is possible to click on the "Recover password" link and then to follow the instructions, namely inserting the username and eMail address used during the registration phase.


Data Privacy Statement (configurable)


The system supports the option to force users to read and accepts a Data Privacy Statement (DPS) containing terms and conditions about the LCMS usage. It should be read and accepted first time user logs in, immediately after the login, before accessing the LCMS dashboard page.




System administrators can have an audit log report showing users' DPS acceptance status. (For details, see Import/Export Users List).


DPSs can be configurated at domain level, allowing each domain to be associated to a different DPS. This means that users having access to more domains, will be asked to accept all the DPSs related to all the domains they are assigned to.

After acceptance, users can read their accepted DPSs from "My Profile" page.



For more details, see Data Privacy page.