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Manage user roles

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To display all permissions associated to and manage an existing user role, select it by clicking on the corresponding Code from the "User roles" window. The following window will then open:


By clicking on "Duplicate" or "Delete" ("Delete" option is not available for the admin and user roles) from the bottom of the page, the selected user role will then be either duplicated or deleted.


The removal of a user role implies that all the included rights are removed from the users assigned to the deleted user role. This means that when users login after the removal of a user role they were assigned to could have not enough permission to access some domains, some screens or some features included in them or they could have not enough permission to find some materials. However, if the permissions included in the deleted user role are included in other user roles as well, users could still have these permissions despite the removal of the specific user role thanks to the other user roles they are still assigned to.


If users were only assigned to the removed user role, the first log in after the user role's removal will present these users with an error message explaining that they are not assigned to ANY domain in the system.


The removal of a user role could also cause some problems in some publishing procedures:

• assignment of resources to activities for creating the corresponding tasks: if some activities can only be assigned to users having the removed user role, no more users can be assigned to them; to solve this problem, these activities should be updated in order to let them accept also users assigned to other user roles which are still available in the system

• manual changes of a workflow step of some materials: if some workflow steps can only be manually moved to their next workflow step by users having the removed user role, the transition to the next workflow step is blocked. This problem cannot be solved for materials already assigned to the involved workflow templates, but it can be avoided on new materials by changing the definition of the mentioned workflow step in the involved workflow template, in order to allow the manual change of the workflow step also by users with other user roles which are still available in the system.


From the left hand side menu it is possible to select:

Assigend Users
Assign New Users

For more information, please refer to each specific section.


ATTENTION: in case of eXact LCMS installations where at least one output closed or isolated domain is present, only the System Administrator is allowed to manage users' roles, that is only the System Administrator can create new roles and edit or delete the existing ones. In this situation, a domain administrator is only allowed to assign the existing roles to users with all the limitations describer in chapter Domain Types.