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Managing project materials

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To manage the materials of a project, choose the project of interest and select "Project materials" from the left hand side menu (> Project management > specific project > Project materials). The following window showing the material tagged in such project will display:




By right-clicking on a specific material, a pop-up window appears:

From here the following options are available:

Details: to view the details of the material
Preview: to preview the material
Download: to download the material. The file download window will then pop up: click on "Open" to view the material and then save it to the local PC or on "Save" to save it directly on the PC.
Edit Tags: to modify the material tags. A pop-up window will appear:


From the drop-down menu select the tag of interest among the existing ones within the project or type a new one in the text field and click on "Add Tag". To remove a tag, click on the "Remove" link next to the tag to eliminate. Click on "Save" to confirm or "Close" to abandon the operation.

To view all the material tags on the system, select "Digital Repository > Browse Tags" and refer to the "Browse Tags" section.


Unassign from Project: to remove the material from the project.


When the material needed for the project is not published yet in the Digital Repository, select "Publish" from the left menu and refer to the "Publish by tag" section for more details.

If it is necessary to create a new Learning Object, select this option from the left menu and refer to the "Create LO" section.

To add more material into the project, click on the "Tag other materials" form the left hand side menu and refer to the "Tag material to a project" section.


Download all resources: using this button all the project resources will be downloaded on the local PC in a zip archive. A message will confirm that the operation was completed without errors. By clicking on one of the available links, it is possible to come back to the previous page or to start the zip archive download again.



The archive will contain all the resources and an XML file which will store all the digital repository information (pack ID, file ID):



Download selected: use this option to download only the resources selected by clicking on the box on the left of the file name.

Edit tags of selected materials: use this option to add/remove one or more tags to/from the selected materials.