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Managing tasks

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To manage the tasks of a project, select "Project management" from main menu, click on the project name and choose "project tasks" from the menu on the left hand side. A window showing all the tasks of the project will appear:




From the right hand side panel it is possible to filter the tasks in order to view only the wished ones:


For further information on the filtering criteria, refer to the section entitled "Tasks".


Select the desired filtering options and click on "Update" to confirm.

By default the "Hide if Task completed" option is checked: completed tasks will not appear in the task list. Materials with completed tasks will not appear in the (Materials) dropdown list.


For the icons meaning, please refer to the Task icons meaning chapter, to create a new task, click on the "New task" link from the top left corner and see the specific section for more details.


To view a specific task, click on its name. A window showing the task's details will then appear:


From this window it is possible to:

Assign resources to the task
Add a new sub-task
Edit the task
View Activity Progress

Refer to each specific option for further information.


By right-clicking on a specific task, if the user has the proper rights, one of the following pop-up windows will appear:


From here, the following options are available:

Properties: to open the task management page and display the task details
Edit: to edit the task's details
Assign resources: to assign resources to the task
Activity progress: to view and/or edit the task progress status
Mark as completed: to set the task as completed; the status field will be set as "Complete" and the completion percentage field will be set to 100% and the task disappear from the list
Delete: to delete the task