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Massive operations on DR Search

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When a DR search is processed, the list of results is displayed as in the following image:



By checking the boxes next to each listed item and using the central buttons it is possible to process the following massive operations:



Delete: by clicking on the button the selected materials will be deleted from the digital repository
Change owner: by clicking on the button it is possible to change the ownership of the selected materials. Form the user search mask that opens it is possible to look for the user to define as materials' owner
Share: by clicking on the button, it is possible to edit the materials' sharing level. From the pop up window that opens it is possible to share the material with nobody, the current domain's users or all users. Please note that if the Domain's user option is selected, the material is automatically tagged into the current domain with the General tag.
Massive update: selecting this option, it is possible to update all the selected items with the most recent version.


Please note: in case that at least one of the requested operations cannot be processed, a report page will be displayed with the list of all the aborted operation.