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Comment Management

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With the "Comment management" function available from main menu, any comment associated to a material present on the digital repository, can be tracked by searching for a specific material and display all the relevant notes, or by searching for a specific comment:


1) Search for a comment

By clicking on "Comment management" the following window displays:




To access a more detailed search mask, select the "[+] More options" link. From the new area that will open, it is possible to select the Scope, Severity, Priorities and States of the comment to retrieve.

To narrow the search it is advisable to type in the search field at least the name or title of the sought material and press "Search".

To select more than one option from each drop-down menu, hold down the "Ctrl" key on the keyboard while selecting the wished options with the mouse. To unselect one of the previously selected options, hold down the "Ctrl" key and click on the option you wish to unselect. To unselect all the selected options, click on the "clean" link underneath the drop-down menu. The search results will be displayed underneath the search mask, so it is necessary to scroll down the window to view them.


In case nothing is typed in, all the materials under review currently present on the Digital Repository will be listed.


From the list of comments, by clicking on a material comment ID number, and from the left hand side menu of the new window that will then display, select among the available options (Edit, Change status or Comment history). to use these options, the material should be associated to a workflow, to change the information the current step of workflow should allow the material review.


It is possible to read more details about the comments by clicking on "Long report" at the bottom of the page.