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My courses

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To display the list of all the courses assigned to you, select "My courses" from main menu. The following window displays:


By default the system will return only current courses. To display past and/or future courses it is necessary to change the settings from the "Filter courses" panel on the right hand side of the screen and click on the "Update" link.


To access the course, click on "Enter". The following window will display:


To access any of the learning materials, click on the "Launch" link: the content will be loaded and it will be possible to either open or save the file to the local PC.


From this window, for courses containing SCORM packages, users can also view the tracking data of their performances if the SCORM package has been accessed at least once using the eXact Scorm Player player in "learning" modality only (which means through the "My courses" section). The report available for these courses is formed by icons (completion and passing status) and textual elements (score, access dates, total access time).The availability of this information may depend on the possibility of the contents to record such data (for example it is not always possible for the content to write a score or a passing status).