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The user can display the full list of all courses s/he is enrolled into, launch them, and display some personal information related to a specific course. By clicking on the My Courses tag on the upper banner, the following window will be displayed:



Note: the same page can be displayed by clicking on the Show all catalogue link of the My Courses section into the Central area. For more information on this area, please refer to the Central Area chapter.


For each listed course, the following information are available.

- Course Title;

- Progress of each course;

- Status of each course;

- Course start/end dates;

Inside the table there are two additional sections with two links:

- Info: to display the full course description with more detailed information (i.e. domain, complete description, course owner, course staff).

- Enter: to enter the course specific page.



The Filter courses box on the right hand side of the window allows to filter the courses list according to the desired criteria. The course list can be filtered as follows:


Free search: search based on specific keywords defined by the user;
By date: search based on course occurrence in the past and/or present and/or future;
By availability: search based on course availability on catalogue
By state: search based on course completion status

For more information on the course filtering mask, please refer to the relevant chapter into the eXact LCMS User Manual.


By clicking on the Enter link next to a course name, the course specific page will be displayed:


The page is composed by two main sections:

- Information: this section contains information dealing with the course domain and a more detailed description.

- Details: this section contains more specific information such as the course code, availability, start and end catalogue dates, duration, edition.

From the Learning materials section that is displayed below the information table, it is possible to find the list of learning materials assigned to the course. Each item is listed together with its title and a short description. In order to display the resource, it is necessary to click on the "Launch" link: the content will be loaded and it will be possible to either open or save the file locally.

From the same section, for courses with SCORM packages, users can also view the tracking data of their performances as long as each SCORM package has been accessed at least once using the eXact Scorm Player player in "learning" modality only (which means through the "My courses" section). The report available for these courses is formed by some icons (completion and passing status) and some textual elements (score, access dates, total access time).The availability of this information may depend on the possibility of the contents to record such data (for example it is not always possible for the content to write a score or a passing status).


Finally, on the right hand side of the window, it is possible to find the Course Staff box with information on the course Owner and Staff name. In the case that the user has not already enrolled into the selected course, on the right hand side of the window will find the Enroll now box from where it is possible to self-enroll (this option is only available for courses where self-enrollment is enabled).