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My LOs: how to create a learning object

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By entering the My LOs section from the main menu, the following window will be displayed.




Here it is possible to display the full list of Learning Object a user has permission to edit, that is all the Learning Objects that the user has previously created together with those assigned to him/her (through project tasks or activities). By default, the list of the available Learning Object is ordered by last update date; in order to modify this order, it is possible to select any of the "Sorting Option" criteria in the right hand side box. Moreover it is possible to edit the display modality by selecting one of the two available options (Thumbnails or Summary) of the drop down menu "Show results as".

For each listed Learning Object it is possible to:

Click on its thumbnail in order to open the material preview inside a pop-up window
Use the available"quick action" by clicking on the proper icons:

- Share: to modify the Learning Object sharing level

- Edit: to edit the Learning Object with the Online Editor (see Edit a LO with the online editor section).

- Delete: to remove the Learning Object from the Digital Repository

Click on the Learning Object title in order to open it in edit mode in the the Online Editor.


If a user has not already created or has not been assigned to any Learning Object, the "Click here to create your first Learning Object" link will be displayed.

In order to start the creation of a new LO it is both possible to click on the above link or to select the "Create New LO" option from the left hand side menu.