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Project Management

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To manage the projects of the current domain, select "Project management" from main menu.

All the projects currently present on the specific domain are listed in the "Project management" window:



To manage a specific project, click on its name. The following window displays:

Depending on the user role, either some or all of the following options will be available from the menu on the left hand side:

Edit properties - To edit the project details
Project Tasks - To manage the project tasks
Project comments - To manage the comments assigned to project materials
Project materials - To manage the project materials
Team members - To manage the project team

Refer to each section for more details.


The following panel is available on the right hand side of the window where it is possible to:

Change the project leader by selecting the "Change" link.

A new window will open in a pop-up where it is possible to search for the user to assign as the new project leader. To confirm this operation, click on "Save".

Administer the project team by selecting the "Project Team" link.

All the members of the project will be listed and by ticking the boxes next to their names, it is possible to remove them. To add new users, click on the "Enroll new users" link available from the top left of the page. Refer to the section called "Edit the project team" for more details.

From this panel it is also possible to send an email to a member of the project by clicking on the specific name. An email will automatically open up with the address of the selected user.