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Store localized materials

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Once the localization package has been modified as necessary (i.e. assets have been translated into the proper languages), it can be published on the Digital Repository to consequently update the localized variations linked to the master object based on the new version of the localization package created using the external translation tool.


To proceed, access again the management page of the localization package (using the same steps described to download the localization package) and choose the "Update" option available from the bottom of the page. Browse to the newly modified file and select "Submit". The following pop-up window will appear:


Select the option "Publish the object as a Learning Package" and click on "Proceed". A message will confirm that the operation was successful.

Click on the "Object management page" link to open its management page; the following options are available from the left hand side menu:

Preview: to view what materials are part of the last version of the localization package
Compare versions: to compare two existing versions of the localization package when there is more than one


Select "Run comparison" to start it.

Apply: to store in the digital repository the updates made to the localization package using an external tool. This function needs to be selected every time the localization pack is updated, in order to validate such operation. Selecting this option, the following window will display:


Click on the "Apply" link available on the bottom right corner. A message will confirm that the operation was successful. A new version of the localized variation aligned with the updates made with the external tool on the XLIFF file included in the localization package is now stored in the digital repository and the triangle shaped icon of warning icon_trianglewill disappear.

Consolidate: to change the master material and/or to add new placeholders to the localization package