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The repository implements a full-text materials’ search engine, allowing the search of material on their metadata and also on specific text included in the file.

Supported material’s types for the full text search are: XML, HTML, HTM, TXT and DITA file extensions: these material’s types will be “indexed” when upload to the system even if included into LOs or Content Packages.

Search modalities - The “full-text” search on the content will be transparent to the user in the web-interface: the input field available in the search mask specifies the portion of text that shall be used to retrieve materials in both search modalities (full text and metadata)


To search the Digital Repository for contents through text, metadata or workflow properties, select "Digital repository" from main menu. The following search window displays:


The advanced search (by pressing the button the Filter by... and Add criteria... drop down menu will appear) searches among the metadata, the standard search (by typing a work or sentence in the text box) will searches among metadata and full text search inside the files. The "full text" search works both on the overall metadata set of each material and on the overall content of some specific content types and it allows users to find the materials matching the strings typed in the text field exactly. So, by typing TEXT in the text field, all the materials matching this string will be found, even those including materials where the mentioned string is part of (such as TEXTBOOK or CONTEXT). The full text search is processed on HTML, XML, LO instances, TXT and DITA XML files content.


If GO is pressed with nothing typed in the text field, all the contents on the Digital Repository will be listed:



By default search results are sorted based on the last update date, i.e. the most recently updated material will be shown in first position. Dates are shown in the “General date/time pattern (short time)” format and converted for the time-zone related to the language/culture settings. Download quick options are available and materials’ titles support the “CTRL + mouse click” action, so the users can access each material management page without losing the search results list.


To narrow the search, type in the search field the name or title of the sought content and press "Go". To process a more detailed search, use the "Advanced search" mask.

By using the "Filter by Package" drop down menu, it is possible to search materials according to their content type.


By clicking on "Add criteria..." it is possible to select some additional search criteria:


- IMS 1.2 on the metadata used by SCORM and IMS standards

- LOM on the metadata used by SCORM 2004 standard

- System fields on the materials working status within the LCMS (assigned to a project, assigned to a workflow, etc.)


To remove a selected criteria, click on the criteria to remove and select the "Remove this criteria" option on the top of the drop down menu.



From the page showing the search results, it is also possible to choose the format of the results by selecting it from the "Showing results" drop-down-menu:



On the right hand side of the page showing the search results, the "Sorting option" panel is available.


From here it is possible to sort, group and/or filter the search results according to the available options. Also, for each search result it is possible to display more metadata details than what is normally displayed by default.


From the list of the results it is possible to:


1.Select a specific result by clicking on its link. Please refer to the "Publish"section for more information on the details of a material published on the Digital Repository.


2.Click on the triangle icon from the top right corner of each result:




The following pop-up window will be displayed:



The following options are available:

Material management: the material management page will be displayed and all the options linked to the material will be available. Refer to the "Publish" section for more information
Metadata: shows the metadata of the selected material. Refer to the "Metadata" section
Workflow: shows the workflow already associated with the selected material or allows the assignment of a workflow in case the material has no workflow associated. Refer to the "Workflow" section
Version History: shows the material versions. Refer to the "Material versions" section


3. Use the quick actions DR_quickactionsM) to modify the sharing level, delete or download the material


4. Select the items checking the boxes next to to each listed item to process massive operations. For more information refer to the "Massive operations on DR Search" section