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Sharing Material

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It is possible to set the material permission during its upload, or to change it by clicking on the "Share" button of the material management page. A window listing all the sharing options will appear:




To select the permission to assign to the material, click on the circle next to the wished permission and click on "Submit". Only the material owner and the users with enough administrative permission can modify the material scope. In the following list all the available options are described:



When a new material is published with a "Default" scope, the system assigns to it the "scope" that has been defined for the specific item type inside a system configuration file. Generally, all materials have a Private default scope, with the exception of workflow and content templates, which default scope is public.



When a new material is shared with "Nobody", only direct stakeholders of the material can have access to it in any context. Direct stakeholders are:

The owner
Users having a task assigned, which is related to the material itself
Users with administration permissions related to material access


Domain's users
When a material has a "Domain" scope, in addition to the users included in the "Private" scope, also all the users having the appropriate permissions in the domain where the scope is set may access the material.

To make a material available in a domain, the owner or a user having enough administrative permission should be able to enter the domain and tag new materials in the domain. To make the material visible in more than one domain, the user should access each domain s/he wants to make the material visible in and tag the material separately in each domain: this implies that the mentioned user can make a material visible only in the domain s/he has been assigned to.


All users
When a material has a "Public" scope, all the system users with the appropriate permissions in the domain where they are logged in, can access the material.




Attention: it is not possible to set to All users the sharing level of any materials published within an output closed or isolated domain.