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The main navigation throughout the Learning Portal platform, can be processed from the dashboard top banner.




From the Dashboard top banner it is possible to enter the following sections:

My Courses;
Course catalogue;
My Tasks;
My domains.


Please note that the different sections displayed on the top banner may vary according to the users' roles and permissions within the eXact LCMS systems in use. The picture above shows the top banner of a user with both administrator and learner' s permissions. In general, it is possible to say that:

a user with the learner role, will display the Home, My courses and Course catalogue sections;
a user with the administrator role, will display the Home and Administration sections;
a user with both administrator and learner roles, will display the whole navigation bar (that is the Home, My courses, Course catalogue and Administration sections).

For more information on the different sections, please refer to each relevant chapter.


The top banner also contains a basic course search mask:

This mask allows the user to quick search among the My Courses and the Course Catalogue sections in order to display more detailed information on a specific course.

The top banner is visible from each page.