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System Configuration

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The eXact LCMS platform can be customized with regards to the following elements:

logical domains structure (LCMS domains structure may reflects the client company's structure in terms of divisions, departments or working units etc.)
user roles defined as a combination of system permission and allowed actions on content.
how content types will be managed on the platform, in terms of which metadata can be associated to describe them, which models are available to create a certain type of content and how the creation, validation and distribution processes should be managed.


In addition, it is possible to configure the system with regards to the accessibility aspects. Indeed it is possible to settle in which languages the web portal should be available for each pre-defined domain and, under the portal look&feel aspect, to re-skin the interfaces.


eXact LCMS supports any language at content, metadata and GUI level. GUI localization can be achieved with the detached localization strings and external vocabularies used in the portal. Administrators can define a specific set of available languages for each domain of the system, and users can tag, search, view internal entities and metadata in any language available in the system configuration.

Learning Objects can be designed as multilingual objects, allowing the same object to be accessible in different languages (according to the browser's language, the user preferences in the LMS or via an explicit language selection within the Learning Object interface) or to be published into different language versions, one for each language.


To configure the platform, select "System configuration" from the main menu, the following window will appear:



From here it is possible to manage the global settings of the system which apply to all the platform domains. The following options are available:

System parameters
Notification events
Learning reports
Content Models
Content Templates
Rendering templates
Rendering engines
Workflow templates
Content maps
Collaboration area (when available)