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Create a Domain

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To create a new domain, select "Domains management" from main menu and right-click on the domain as in the picture.


From the pop-up window, select "New domain" and the relevant window will then appear:




Enter all the required data, the mandatory fields are marked with (*). As additional data, it is possible to select if the new domain will be Open, Closed in output, or completely isolated from the other domains installed in the same platform (see the relevant chapter). Click on "Save" to validate the entered information. A new element, connected to the existing Domain (in the example the Root Domain is the current domain), will be created and the following window will appear:


From the left hand side menu it is possible to select:

Data Privacy
Access Statistics
Collaboration area (if available)


To delete the newly created domain click on the "Delete" link from the bottom of the window.

A user creating a new domain is automatically assigned to it with the same user role(s) of the current domain. System administrators creating new domains should pay attention since by publishing new materials in the Digital Repository they may violate the domain's closure policy.