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Publish a Content Template or a Model Archive

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To publish a Content Template (Learning Object Model), click on "System configuration > Content models > Publish content template" (or Publish model archive) from the main menu. The following window will appear:


Leaving as material scope "Public" will allow to use the template in all the domains, and by clicking on "Browse", it will be possible to browse the local PC to find the content XPT Model uploaded. The "Choose file" window will then be displayed:


Once the file to upload has been found, click on "Open" and then on "Submit". A message will confirm the correct publication of the item.

This option is used to upload new Learning Object Models. If the format of the file to upload does not have the correct extension .XPT (single template model file extension) or .XPTA (template model archive containing multiple models), a note informing that the format is invalid will appear and the file will not be published.