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Search Content Models

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To search the Digital Repository for a content model (Learning Object Model), click on "System configuration > Content Models" from main menu. The following window displays:



In the field type any kind of keyword and press "Go". The typed word will be searched in all the metadata fields. It is possible to write any logical operators (AND, OR and NOT) and special characters (asterisk, inverted commas). In case nothing is typed in, all the content templates present on the Digital Repository will be shown.

By default the "Filter by packtype" field is set to Content Models so that the system only looks for materials with XPT extension.

To process a detailed search, use the "Advanced search" area. By clicking on "Add criteria..." it is possible to define some search criteria:

- IMS 1.2: on the metadata used by SCORM and IMS standards

- LOM: on the metadata used by SCORM 2004 standard

- System fields: on the materials working status within the LCMS (assigned to a project, assigned to a workflow, etc.)

To remove a criteria defined with this selection, click on the criteria you wish to remove and select the "Remove this criteria" (first option of the drop down menu) within the search criteria list.



From the page showing the search results, it is also possible to choose the format of the results by selecting it from the "Showing results as:" drop-down-menu.


From the list of the results it is possible to select a specific result by clicking on its title, the following window appears:


The following options are available from the bottom of the page:



To download to the local PC a physical copy of a .ZIP file with inside the content template (.xpt file extension for single model or .xpta for an archive of models).


To create a new version of the template. The following window displays:


Proceed like when uploading a new template. The new version will be uploaded when the "Submit" link is selected.


By selecting "Delete", the content template will be deleted from the Digital Repository. A pop-up window will ask to confirm the operation. The deletion of the element will be performed once the OK button is selected. A further message will confirm that the item has been erased from the platform.


To duplicate the file in the digital repository (not used for LOs)

New LO

To use the model to create a new Learning Object, see Create LO chapter for more information.

New template

To use the model to create a new template, that is a predefined structure that can be used by other users as starting point for the creation of a new LO.


From the top left menu it is also possible to select few functions which are in common with the publish option:


Refer to the "Publish" section for more information.