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User Details

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The system provides a flexible configuration of the user's attributes, that is the personal data that needs to be archived in the users master data.

This configuration allows the creation of some customised fields where to archive the company's personal record or necessary to integrate with other systems, for example HR or ERP (Enterprise resource planning) National insurance number (or tax code), Business Unit or other.


The configuration of the user's personal data allows to make amendments to the data and a series of XML descriptors that define the interfaces functioning, such as lists and forms (enrolling forms or user amendment data forms).

To edit their own details users need to click on the "My profile" on the drop-down menu available on the bottom right of the screen.


The following window displays:





Either some or all of the following options will be available from the left hand side menu depending on the user role:

Edit attributes (the user's details)
Change password
Change default domain
All my courses


See each specific section for further details.


To edit the details of a specific user (when in possession of the proper rights), click on "Users management > Search" from main menu, right-click on the required user and select "Edit" from the pop-up window:


See the "Edit the user's details" section for further information.