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Users Management

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With regards to the user's management, eXact LCMS supplies some web environments for the following:

Creation, modification and deletion of the users from the system
Disabling (temporary or permanent) of a user
Assignation of a single role or more roles to each user in each domain
Research of the users per domain, domain role and a limited set of personal data (Name, Surname, date of creation of the user)
Research results filter depending on the belonging to the current domain and if they are enabled users.


The user's profiles are created depending on their ability to access the system features in the domains which they belong to.

To manage the platform users, select "Users management" from main menu. The following search window displays:



From here it is possible to search for a particular user by entering some search criteria in the "Search for" field or in the more detailed fields that are displayed once the "More Options" link is selected and by clicking on "Search". The "full text" search works on the main personal data of each user (name and surname, user name and e-mail address) in a "LIKE" modality, thus allowing you to find users whose words are part of the strings typed in the text field. So, by typing TEXT in the text field, you will find all the users matching, in at least one of the above mentioned personal data, the word "TEXT" or any word beginning with the TEXT string, such as TEXTBOOK.


In case nothing is typed in, all the platform users will be listed:




On the bottom-right there is a link that allows to export the list of users on the local PC in the CSV format.


Attention: in case of Input Closed or Isolated domain, the domain admin can just display the list of all users belonging to the current domain.


Either some or all of the following options will be available from the bottom of the page depending on the user role:

Assign roles to selected users
Unassign roles from selected users
Delete selected users
Disable selected users
Enable selected users


On the left hand side of the "Users List" window, either some or all of the following options will be available depending on the user role:

Import/export users
New user


During the navigation of the portal, depending on the user role, it is possible to retrieve a user by using the search mask available from the top of any page, selecting "Users" from the drop-down menu and pressing the Enter button after having typed the specific username in the search field.