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Directly form the material management page it is possible to display some information on the Workflow status of the material:



The Workflow widget box it is possible to get the following info:

if the material has already been assigned to a workflow (in affirmative case, a link to the relevant project will be displayed)
the material current properties related to the actual workflow step properties or the default ones in the case that no workflow has currently been assigned (Not locked - Cannot be delivered - Review allowed)
A link pointing to the Workflow Summary page from where it is possible to work on the assigned workflow or to assign a new one.  


To manage the workflow associated to a selected material, click on "Workflow". The "Workflow summary" window will appear, listing the related workflow.


The rules and properties and the availability of the image on the right side of the screen depend on the workflow settings.

Each time an advancement rule is applied, some tasks could be automatically declared as "completed" based on the workflow settings.


In order to interrupt a wokflow process, click on "Stop Workflow" at the bottom of the page.



From the pop-up window that will open, select one of the available options:

Remove all tags assigned to material in project
Remove all tasks created by workflow process in project
Remove other tasks related to material in project

Click on "Proceed" in order to process the selected option; click on "Close" in order to come back to the previous window.


By clicking on "Workflow report" from the top left corner of the window, it is possible to check the workflow process and eventually export the information in a csv file. Right clicking on the step name, it is possible to view and/or edit the related custom fields (if any), that will be included in the exported cvs file as well. In case no custom field has been defined for the step, the contextual menu is not available.


In case no workflow has been assigned to the selected material, the following window displays:


From this window it is necessary to:

1.Choose the workflow template to assign to the material by selecting it from the "Template" drop-down menu (the template must be uploaded in the repository)
2.Associate the material to a project:
Select an existing project by enabling "Select project" and using the drop-down menu to choose amongst the projects already created
Create a new project by enabling "Create new project" and typing a name in the proper text field
3.Click on the "Assign workflow" link to assign the workflow to the material


In the case that a workflow is assigned to a material that is already part of a specific project, the name of the relevant project automatically appears inside the Select project field. If necessary, it is possible to edit the project name by selecting another one from the drop-down menu or creating a new one.

When it is necessary to assign to the material a workflow template that is not on the platform, refer to the "Publish a workflow template" section for the instructions to publish a workflow template.