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Workflow management

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To define the workflow templates to upload on the platform, select "System configuration > Workflow templates" from main menu and the following window will then display:


Here it is possible to:

Publish a workflow template. Mode details in the section "Publish workflow template".
Search for a workflow template. In the "Search" field type any kind of keyword and press "Go". In case nothing is typed in, all the workflow templates present on the platform will be shown. To access a more detailed search mask, select the "[+] Advanced search" link. By clicking on "Add criteria..." it is possible to select some search criteria:

- IMS 1.2 on the metadata used by SCORM and IMS standards

- LOM on the metadata used by SCORM 2004 standard

- Workflow criteria, by selecting the current status of the searched material or the owner


To remove a criteria defined with this selection, click on the criteria you wish to remove and select the "Remove this criteria" (first option of the drop down list) within the search criteria list.


From the page showing the search results, it is also possible to choose the format of the results by selecting it from the "Showing results" drop-down-menu:



From the list of the results it is possible to:

1.Select a specific result by clicking on its title. Please refer to the "Publish" section for more information on the material published on the Digital Repository.
2.Click on one of the Quick action iconsquickActions in order to edit the material sharing level or directly delete it.
3.Click on the triangle icon digitalrepository_triangle_icon from the top right corner of each result. The following pop-up window appears:


The following options are available:

Material management: the material management page will display and all the options linked to the selected workflow template will be available. Refer to the "Publish" section for more information as the options are the same
Metadata: shows the metadata of the workflow template. Refer to the "Metadata" section
Version History: shows all the versions of the workflow template. Refer to the "Material versions" section


4. Click on the "Show details" link in order to display additional information of the selected material.